We Buy Diabetic Strips 4 Cash

A way to earn cash when you sell your diabetic test strips.
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webuydiabeticstrips4cash inspects each and every box of test strips and lancets to insure that the item’s you send to us meets our quality control guide lines. Please make sure to read all our quality contorl guide lines before sending in your test strips or lancets. Please make sure to inspect all boxes and make sure that they are factory sealed and the seal is not broken or tampered with it, we will not take any boxes with broken factory seals its not just agaisnt the law but also against our policy.

Boxes with 6-9 months exp dates will pay out 50% as these are shorter expiration dates. We can not accept less then 6 months exp dates on all products. Boxes can not be damaged in any way such as broken factory seals, dents, scratches, razor cuts, tears, creasing, discoloration, marker writting or ink staining. All our prices on the site are based upon the boxes of test strips which are in factory sealed – excellent condition. Please do not send us any damaged boxes as there will be no pay out on them as we do not offer returns, this is why we clearly state this here in our terms and condition.

Please do not remove the prescription labels, we have a way of removing them without damaging the boxes, and destroy the label to protect your privacy. Feel free to use a magic marker to mark through identifying information if you like on your prescription label but do not try removing it as it can cause a rip/ tear under the box Our goal is to establish a working relationship with our clients by purchasing extra diabetic test strips and lancets that would otherwise go to waste. We work with people who make these unused diabetic strips and lancets available to others who dont have medical insurance or simply can not afford to buy these supplies at high cost. By using this site; it will mean you agree to the content of the Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not use this site.

  • 1- If my supplies meet all of the terms and conditions stated, webuydiabeticstrips4cash agrees to pay disperse the total payment of check instantly
  • 2- I understand that i can only sell my diabetic supplies that are factory sealed and are undamaged boxes with at least above 11 months or above until expiration
  • 3- If i bring supplies that are less than 6 months until expiration, and have been opened, damaged, or otherwise compromised, I understand my supplies may not be accepted or at a reduced price
  • 4- I will not hold webuydiabeticstrips4cash liable for lost, damaged, stolen packages, for delivery carrier errors or delays. Once my payment transaction is in process I understand my items may NOT be returned to me under any circumstance.
  • 5- I understand that i can not sell any diabetic test strips that are paid for by Medicare or Medicaid
  • 6- webuydiabeticstrips4cash will remove all precription labels for my protection and any personal information in that matter
  • 7- Upon the receipt and inspection i agree to transfer all rights, title and interest i may have had with my supplies to webuydiabeticstrips4cash
  • 8- I further agree that by entering this agreement and conducting business with webuydiabeticstrips4cash I am waving the right to a trial by jury and agree to only bring claims in my individual capacity and not as a plaintiff or class member in any purported class or represtative proceeding
  • 9- I understand that diabetic test strips are a over the counter product and can be sold while having extra supplies
  • 10- I understand that if i am to sell diabetic supplies to webuydiabeticstrips4cash and upon receipt there is a quality control process and if my diabetic supplies do not meet the standards of the aboved explained in the Terms of Conditon there will be no returns or pay out as per policy