We Buy Diabetic Strips 4 Cash

A way to earn cash when you sell your diabetic test strips.
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Have some Questions?

Yes. All Pages with personal information are Secured Via SSL encrypted Layers.

Yes. Please include in the test strip form, that you would like to donate the strips you send in.

There is no limit. We can pay for unlimited amounts of test strips as long as they are within a considerable expiration time.

Please use your Email address and the Confirmation number provided to you.

Its via check and it generally takes 1 business days. As a safety precaution we say 2-5 days thru mail

We recommends USPS priority mail for shipping the boxes of Diabetic Test Strips. Ship time with USPS is usually between 3-4 business days. This is generally the cheapest way to ship and the priority boxes are free, sturdy and have a tracking number

Please take a felt tip pen or marker and cross out any personal information it may have. Do NOT remove your stickers. We have a special way of removing them, and cannot reimburse for boxes that we receive damaged due to a sticker being removed.

Simply place the items in the Box provided by us and Sealed the Box.

No, we do not. Damaged boxes will either by thrown away or returned to sender and sellers expense

We pay via company business check

The short answer is, yes. Test Strips are sold over the counter at most major retailers and you do not need a prescription to purchase them. The only test strips that CANNOT be sold are test strips that have a red/yellow stripes that mentions Medicaid or Medicare.

Yes We do buy Lancets

We Buy Diabetic Strips 4 Cash

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