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A way to earn cash when you sell your diabetic test strips.
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If you’re looking for a safe, reliable and easy way to get rid of your old diabetic strips, look no further than us! We will take all the hassle out of it to have nothing but peace in sight. Get excellent service at an affordable price with fast turnaround times.

Don't let your old diabetic strips gather dust

Don't let your old diabetic strips gather dust

Sell your diabetes supplies and get cash. It’s easy! You just need to find a willing buyer for all those unused or unopened diabetic strips that are cluttering up the medicine cabinet at home, workplace or school lockers; we buy them in bulk, so there is no minimum order requirement – anytime day/night 24 hours per week 365 days out of the year.

It's time for you to start making money with your diabetes without any fuss!

It's time for you to start making money with your diabetes without any fuss!

We know that the last thing you want to worry about when it comes time for a diabetic test is trying to find an available strip. All this hassle has been eliminated with our single-click purchase.

Sell Your Diabetic Test Strips
In Just 3 Simple Steps

Get Cash for Your Extra Diabetic Supplies!

Add Your Products

Add your Un-used strips to the cart. You'll see how much money will get for each item in a few seconds. It's easy and quick!

Ship Your Package

Once you complete your order and you have let us know how you would like to be paid. We will ship you a prepaid label along with a package for easy shipping at no cost.

Get Paid!

Once you ship your package, we normally receive it in 2-4 business days. As soon as we get it, we will verify the package and get you paid the same day.

Secure & Safe

With We Buy Diabetic Strips 4 Cash, you never have to worry about selling your information or personal details. You are a valued customer, so we keep everything confidential.

Satisfied Sellers

Take a moment and visit our reviews tab to see how we treat our customers. We will always communicate with you and make sure your experience with us is seamless.

Best Prices

We Buy Diabetic Strips 4 Cash leads the way in pricing. We want you to get the biggest payout possible, so click sell now and browse our product list to see how much you can make with your unused extra diabetic supplies


We know that the process of selling diabetic strips can be somewhat intimidating, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our many years’ experience and knowledge in this field! Here are just some benefits of doing business:

Work Flow

How We Work?

We buy Diabetic Test Strips 4 Cash is a family-owned and operated business. We have been in the test strip business for many years and have developed a reputation of integrity, reliability, and consistency. We are well known for our A-1 service within the second-hand market. We work with vendors all over the country and now we want to offer our services and great pricing to you!  

We are a leader in the diabetic test strip industry, supplying test strips to those who can’t afford the over-inflated retail prices. Our goals are to provide diabetics with extra supplies. A safe and reliable alternative to meeting strangers in uncomfortable environments.

Feel Free To Contact us

    Yes. All pages that ask for personal information are secured via SSL.

    Yes. Please include in the test strip form, that you would like to donate the strips you send in.

    There is no limit. We can pay for unlimited amounts of test strips as long as they are within a considerable expiration time.


    If its via check or money order it generally takes 1 business days. As a safety precaution we say 2-5 days thru mail

    Simply place the items in the Box provided by Us and Sealed the Box.

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    No printer? No problem!

    We will send you a prepaid label along with your order form so you can easily send your product back to us.